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If you have seen something you like, you can place an order or submit an enquiry and we’ll provide you with timescales and costings relevant to your specific requirements find out more

About us

Founded in 1995 by Toby Clayton HME have the expertise, resources and the creative energy to fulfil the demands of the most exacting customers.

With its roots in the artisan skills of the blacksmith, HME has embraced technology and using the latest industrial processes in combination with our well equipped workshop the only limit is the imagination. Located in South Oxfordshire within easy reach of the motorway network and only 45 miles from central London we welcome enquiries from anywhere in the British Isles. We are also delighted to deal with international enquiries and orders for export.

HME and the environment

At HME we are aware that the production of metals from their raw state produces a significant amount of greenhouse gasses and with this in mind every effort is made to minimise material waste and unnecessary energy use.