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We have tried to ensure that the HME website is accessible to everybody.

The website is optimised to work best with for screens 1024 × 768 and above, with JavaScript enabled.

HME website is structured with six main pages, navigable by the primary navigation on the top, and four secondary pages that are accessible by using the bottom navigation.

Access keys

This website has a number of keyboard shortcuts set up to help with navigation using the letter and number keys on your keyboard. The keyboard shortcuts used is dependent on your browser and operating system. The following access keys are available throughout the website:

If you are a Windows user

Press the <Alt> key in combination with the relevant access key:

Please note that access keys are not supported by Netscape 4 and Opera 6.

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Macintosh users should press the <Ctrl> key in combination with the relevant access key. Please note that under:

Text size

You may change the size of the text of this website using the buttons in the top right corner of the web site, or alternatively using your browser:

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All content images used in this site include alt text and image title attributes.

Standards Compliance

We strive to comply with the W3C WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and aim for our pages to conform to W3C Level AA compliance.

All pages use well-structured semantic markup compliant with XHTML 1.0 Transitional. For example, h1 tags are used for main titles and then h2, h3 used for subtitles.